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Gaming and Redemption Kiosk


As casinos strive to reduce overhead and increase revenues, many Casinos in the developed world are gradually converting their traditional coin or token operations into cashless ticket-in ticket-out transactions (TITO) for winnings. With the recent advent of member guest cards, customers can add and subtract value from their cards and when they are ready to "cash out", they insert their cash-out tickets into a kiosk and this unit dispenses their cash. This offers convenience for the customers and Casinos alike and grown to the Casino operators. Loyalty kiosks for frequent members offer prizes and other free services in appreciation for continuous playing and repeat trips.

Features and Benefits
  • Self-service kiosks reduce costs by lowering employee headcount
  • Kiosks are supported by coin-less gaming terminals, eliminating hopper refills
  • Built-in kiosk hopper simplifies hand pays by cashiers, reducing error and saving time
  • Customer performs entire redemption, increasing customer experience satisfaction
  • Kiosks can provide loyalty and reward opportunities for increased and repeat business
  • Cash caps per kiosk reduces incidents of robberies as well as employee theft
  • Better data integrity by eliminating manual coin or token counting
  • Promotional opportunities at redemption point increases revenue
  • “Point of Presence” Advertising  through Digital Signage on top of the Kiosk

Return On Investment

  • Reduction in labor costs due to lower coin handling
  • Reduction of staffing personnel at cashier windows
  • Machine maintenance and collection cost reduction
  • Accurate reporting reduces costly errors
  • Advertising revenue from overhead signage

Examples of organizations that can use Gaming and Redemption Kiosks are listed below, the list is not exhaustive.

  • Casinos
  • Amusement Parks
  • Shopping Malls for loyalty programs
  • Retailers and supermarkets for loyalty programs

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